Mental Health Therapist Develops Individualized Plans

Life is always challenging but is even more overwhelming when experiencing mental health issues. Mental health therapists assist people who need mental health counseling for a variety of reasons. Mental health refers to a person’s mental or emotional status and influences behaviors. When experiencing mental or emotional issues that are lowering the quality of life, there is no shame in obtaining mental health counseling in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN. It is the best step to ensure the issues are properly addressed with a therapist trained in psychotherapy techniques.

Everyone Needs Help at Some Point in Life

Mental health therapy helps millions of Americans overcome mental health issues or manage mental health disorders. The mental health therapist supports people experiencing a variety of issues. They include depression, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and substance abuse, disruptive behavior, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias.

Mental health therapy also helps people going through some of life’s most traumatic times. They include divorce, loss of a loved one, experiencing low self-esteem or going through rejection in a relationship. Mental health counseling also helps adults who may have difficulty moving past childhood trauma, like sexual or psychological abuse.

Mental Health Therapy is Individualized

An essential aspect of mental health counseling in Minneapolis or St. Paul MN, is that it is individualized. Though there may be group sessions, depending on the mental health issue and therapy plan, each person has different needs in terms of support. The therapist focuses on that individual’s specific needs, and he or she will determine which of the variety of therapies to utilize for the best results, like cognitive therapy, supportive psychotherapy and behavioral therapy, to name a few options.

Minnesota Mental Health Clinics in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, offer various in-person and virtual mental health services and can assist clients through individualized mental health therapy plans. Visit to find locations and schedule an appointment.

Our Mission and Commitment

Minnesota Mental Health Clinics provides comprehensive, integrated mental health services to clients in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.  Coordinated medication management services are available for our active therapy clients.
Meeting the mental health needs of clients, their families, and the community is our primary commitment.

Quality, Professional Staff

We have a reputation of providing the highest quality of mental health services for over 33 years. Approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Licensed Rule 29 Mental Health Clinic.

Your Privacy

We are committed to maintaining your confidentiality and safeguarding your privacy and dignity.

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