Outpatient Therapy Program for Depressed Teens Offered in Partnership with the University of Minnesota

We are offering an exciting opportunity to participate in a therapy program for adolescents with depression that is being offered in partnership with the University of Minnesota.  Therapy is offered at Minnesota Mental Health Clinics, delivered by Minnesota Mental Health Clinics therapists.

Participating adolescents receive one of two therapy approaches:

  1. Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT-A): IPT-A focuses on reducing depressive symptoms by improving the quality of adolescents’ relationships and social interactions.  IPT-A  is a therapy approach that has been classified by the American Psychological Association as a “well-established” therapy for adolescent depression.
  2. Therapists’ usual approaches to therapy: Therapists would provide the type of therapy that they usually provide in our clinics

Therapy is offered with a research component: in addition to attending therapy, the University of Minnesota team will meet with you and your child online to ask questions about your child and your experiences in the therapy program she or he participates in.  You and your child would be compensated for participating in these assessments (teens receive up to $375 and parents receive up to $165).

If you are interested, please click on the link below to get started:

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