Schedule a Virtual Visit using Telehealth

At no additional cost, you can now access our services in the comfort and safety of your own home! 

For New Patients:

We are accepting new patients of all ages in our therapy programs.

Our intensive outpatient programs for adolescents (ASTAT) and for adults (DATRAC) are also operating with telehealth and are accepting new patients.

There are 2 ways to schedule a telehealth virtual visit if you are a new patient:

Use our online scheduler to book a telehealth appointment. Click the button below to access the online scheduler. Once you have made an appointment online, our staff will reach out to confirm your appointment. 

Give our staff a call and they can assist you with scheduling a telehealth appointment. They can help identify which of our 7 locations and many providers are most convenient for you.

Call to schedule your appointment: 651-454-0114


For Existing Patients:

If you are interested in virtually meeting with your provider for your next appointment, please contact our billing department to check that your insurance covers telehealth sessions and that your provider is approved for this service. You can reach our billing department at 651-395-5793.

If your provider has already contacted you about using video conferencing for your next appointment, please proceed with their instructions.

If your insurance plan does not cover telehealth services you may be able to work out a self-payment option with your current provider to access this service.