Family Therapy for Children & Adolescents

As children and adolescents grow, they continue to develop the family relationships in their lives. From parents and siblings to extended family and new family introductions. When children and adolescents are thrust into a new environment, situation, transition, or even introduced to new family relationships, not every reaction they have may be as expected. Sometimes there are difficulties, conflict, or strain that develop in one or many of theses relationships.

Minnesota Mental Health Clinics offers therapy to assist children and adolescents in exploring and reducing the conflicts in these relationships. The goals for each person vary based on the nature of why they’re seeking help. We individualize each session for the best outcomes in repairing and managing family relationships. 

There are many reasons why therapy can be beneficial for relationships:

  • Family Help – coping with mental health issues
  • Family Therapy
  • Court Cases
  • Blended Families
  • Parenting Issues
  • Custody & Visitation & Co-parenting Issues
  • Grief & Loss
  • Inter-generational Family Therapy
  • Relationship Issues
  • Adoption

If your child or adolescent is experiencing difficulties, conflict, or strain in any of their family relationships, please contact Minnesota Mental Health Clinic to see our experienced therapists. 

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Family Therapists Focus on Restoring Family Wellbeing

Family therapists near Minneapolis and St Paul provide therapy services to family members for many reasons, but the ultimate goal is always to address any conflicts or stress that negatively affect the family’s wellbeing. Healthy family relationships should never be underestimated because they anchor a happy marriage or partnership, a sense of security for children and the ability to enjoy life in and outside the home. Family therapy is group therapy that recognizes each family has unique relationships between its members.

Types of Family Units

Different types of families exist today. The family therapists near Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, work with nuclear, blended, single-parent, childless and non-traditional families. Therapists may also include or assist extended family members in sessions, including grandparents and in-laws if they are the sources of stress.

Families seeking therapy have concluded they need professional help to overcome issues as a whole unit. One person attending therapy is not adequate for addressing relationship issues in the family unit, no matter what type of family is involved. At its core, family therapy is group talk therapy that improves the communication and behaviors of members.

Family Therapists Address a Range of Family Problems

The range of family problems the family therapists near Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, focuses on vary considerably. For example, they include helping a newly blended family to build connections, a family disrupted by a member who has an addiction or mental health issues or a family with a child or teenager causing constant emotional turmoil. Sometimes, a family struggles with some of life’s common events, like a divorce or death in the family. Whatever is harming the family’s wellbeing, family therapists can help. Minnesota Mental Health Clinics in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, have experienced family therapists who can help your family make positive changes. You can visit to find locations and easy ways to make an appointment with the family therapist who can help your family renew and strengthen relationships.

At your request, we will contact you confidentially to discuss the program and set an appointment time. 

Minnesota Mental Health Clinics is committed to providing comprehensive and integrated mental health services that meet the needs of clients, families and the community.