Child & Adolescent Individual Therapy

Minnesota Mental Health Clinics provide comprehensive outpatient services and maintain referral resources for specialized needs of children, adolescents and their families.

Outpatient Therapy Services Provided:

Anxiety and depression are among the top 3 most common mental health conditions effecting children and adolescents. These disorders are much more common than a person may think.

Recovery and the process of recovery look different for each person. Our clinicians take the time to get to know each person, understand their process, and help them to develop attainable goals. 

Sexual orientation and gender are important parts of who people are. Learning more about gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation can help a child or adolescent better understand themselves and the world around them.

Everyone that walks through our doors has a different story and experience. Our clinician works with each individual to address their unique needs, establish their goals and figure out the best ways to provide support. 

It can be hard to identify when an experience has become traumatic and it can be difficult to identify when to seek out support. Our clinicians work to deeply understand the trauma or injury and address each concern individually.

Whether there are difficulties and strained relationships in the workplace or in the classroom, our clinicians specialize in addressing these different environmental factors in a safe and supported environment.

To schedule an appointment:

Use our online appointment booking tool today or give us a call at (651) 454-0114

At your request, we will contact you confidentially to discuss the program and set an appointment time. 

Minnesota Mental Health Clinics is committed to providing comprehensive and integrated mental health services that meet the needs of clients, families and the community.