Horizons Community Support Program

Horizons offer two components to this program:

Mission Statement: Horizons CSP provides service and the necessary support to help people who are experiencing mental health difficulties who live in the community and lead productive, satisfying lives.

Our support reinforces each mental health consumer’s ability to successfully maintain adequate housing, gain exposure to educational and recreational opportunities, access appropriate service providers and obtain gainful employment.

Philosophy: Horizons is committed to shared leadership and to a model of empowerment that promotes individual responsibility and self sufficiency. We are dedicated to delivering mental health services that enhance the quality of life for people with psychiatric disabilities and to eliminating the associated stigma that hinders employment, housing, and social opportunities. It is our strong belief that with proper support and acceptance, mental health consumers can and do recover. 

Guided by our mission statement and philosophy, Horizons provides a coordinated service approach that focuses on promoting independence in the community.



Meet the Horizons Community Program Staff!

Meagher, Alison
Alison Meagher

Horizons Case Manager

Schupp, Amber
Amber Schupp

Director of Programs

Caitlin McKeever

Horizons Case Manager

Carly Gustad

Horizons Case Manager

Johnson, Gary
Gary Johnson

Horizons Drop-in Counselor

Robertson, Hope
Hope Robertson

Horizons Case Manager

Sofia Rowan-Martin
Jake Peltier

Horizons Case Manager

Jessica Clipper

Horizons Case Manager

Selvig, Jodi
Jodi Selvig

Horizons Case Manager

Najad Haji

Horizons Case Manager

Pualani MMHC
Pualani Lansing

Horizons Case Manager

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